Griegas Sandals - Natural Leather
Griegas Sandals - Natural Leather
Griegas Sandals - Natural Leather
Griegas Sandals - Natural Leather

Gaia Soul Byron Bay

Griegas Sandals - Natural Leather

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Available also in Moka ( Dark brown colour).

Note: Griegas Sandals are slighly smaller than the rest of the styles (aprox. half size smaller). If you have another pair of Gaia Soul Sandals, we recomend to pick one size up on Griegas. If you are still unsre, contact us :)

Soft Spanish Leather handcrafted in Spain.

Our best sellers, the Griegas Sandals, have taken a Spanish shape and soul!

Now more sophisticated and stylish than ever before. This bohemian style has been re-designed playing with elegant lines and curves. The thin and soft straps of the toes and diagonal strap work beautifully with the delicate braid style of the instep strap. A perfectly balanced design. 

Sole: Ergonomic sole made with three different layers. Light and flexible body. 

Sizing:  We use European sizes but due to the handcrafted nature of the sandals, we recommend to measure your feet to make sure you pick the right ones. 


If your feet are a bit wide, we will recommend you to go one size up to ensure more comfort.

If you are still indecisive about which size suits you better, please contact us. We would love to give you personal assistance on your purchase.


"Your footprint will mark your own story and the story of our Planet. Wear it and walk with love."