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Brody - Beechwood (Prescription Ready)
Brody - Beechwood (Prescription Ready)
Brody - Beechwood (Prescription Ready)
Brody - Beechwood (Prescription Ready)
Brody - Beechwood (Prescription Ready)

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Brody - Beechwood (Prescription Ready)

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How they work

The new prescription ready frames are designed to easily insert and remove prescription lenses. They are crafted with clear blank lenses and a sleek wooden frame that can be easily unscrewed to allow your individual prescription to be inserted. Simply contact your local optician or online optical specialist to fit your specific lenses whether its polarised or regular optical lenses!

Product Details
Our high strength frames are fitted with flexi hinges for an effortless fit, a comfortable nose bridge and water resistant wood to protect against nature’s harsh elements. Every pair has it's own unique wood patterns so they are as individual as you.

Width: 143mm | Height: 51mm | Bridge: 20mm
Fit: Standard Sizing


It's all in the details.
Comfortable fit nosepad Made to survive the elements
Spring hinges to conform to your unique shape Lightweight wood construction
Easy 45 day returns Planting a tree for every pair sold
  Warranty & Shipping
Our sunglasses also come with a "Busted Warranty" which covers common accidents like breaks, snaps and cracks caused by wear and tear! 

*Cork Case not included 
Most of our sunglasses are standard sizing and designed to suit the majority of face shapes. We've equipped our frames with clever flexi hinges that stretch comfortably to fit wider faces while providing a snug hold regardless of your face size. 
If your face is narrow, our sunglasses will have a stylish oversized look on you. If your face is average width, you will find most of our sunglasses will fit you nicely. If your head is on the wider side, our sunglasses will stretch comfortably without causing tension headaches. 

Measure your face size

Looking in a mirror, hold a ruler horizontally across your face. Measure in millimeters the distance between your left and right temples. 

Your face size (temple to temple) Sunglasses suggestions
120MM to 130mm  Daisy 
130mm to 140mm  Daisy, Frankie, Chelsea, Hazel
140MM to 150mm  Frankie, Chelsea, Brody, Marley, Hazel, Chester, Audrey, Florence
150mm to 160mm  Florence, Chester, Audrey, Marley, Brody.

Which style will suit my face?

Now that you have determined your face size, let's narrow down which styles are suitable for you. 

Square shaped faces are generally the same length and width across the face, they are characterized by a broad forehead and a strong jaw line. The best shades for square faces are round or oval shaped - this helps round out the sharpness of the face for a more balanced look.
Check out: Brody, Chelsea, Audrey, Hazel, Daisy.

The spoilt face! Oval faces have gently rounded, fairly even features. Slightly wider cheekbones and gentle narrowing at the forehead and jaw, this shape suits all styles. 
Check out: All styles.

This face shape has soft angles with slighter wider cheekbones and equally wide forehead and jaw. The best shades are rectangular or rounded. 
Check out: Audrey, BrodyChester, Frankie, Marley, Daisy.

Heart-shaped faces, sometimes called triangle, are widest at the temples and narrowest at the chin. Look for cat-eye styles and rounded edges. 
Check out: Florence, Hazel, Brody, Frankie, Daisy, Chester.

Understanding our measurements