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Cyclic Alchemy

The Womb Wisdom Planner

The Womb Wisdom Planner

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A diary created to sync your menstrual cycle with your life to support and guide you through the year, with more love, presence and flow.

Wrapped in gorgeous linen fabric, with gold foil stamping, she makes the most divine gift to yourself or another woman you love.

This planner is unlike any other you’ve owned before, she includes;

- a page for everyday

- weekly intentions & reflection pages

- a two page spread overview for each month

- education, information and inclusivity of all things menstrual cycles (inner seasons, energetics, moon phases + so much more)

- an intentionally chosen quote to begin every month with

Created by women, for women, she is meant to be yours if you’re;

- a woman with a womb

- a woman who has a menstrual cycle

- a women who is preparing to have a baby

- a women who is reconnecting with their cycle after birthing a baby

- a woman who wants to get to know herself better and deepen her relationship with her body

(even if you don’t physically bleed, have an irregular cycle, or transitioned into menopause, this is still a planner for you! You can follow the power of the inner seasons by tracking the phases of the moon, which is all explained inside the planner)

It is through connecting the phases of your cycle to natures seasons, that I dream for you to see yourself as part of nature, not separate from. To understand that you have specific needs that eb and flow with each week, and to know that you are not crazy, weak or too much, for feeling so big and so deeply.

If you’d like to move through 2023 with more connection, ease and flow, then this is the planner for you!

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